“Stop wasting time in meetings and send a video message,
one of the richest forms of communication”.

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Creating Explainers

Sales and business development reps can use Vidshot to easily interact with their clients. Oftentimes, what needs to be explained to clients after a pitch is nuanced and hard to communicate clearly with an email. It’s also a hassle to schedule a meeting time that works for both parties. This is where reps can use Vidshot to create short explainers and make the clients’ experience seamless. This also works wonders for customer service agents.

Revising Content

Ever work on photo, video, music, copywriting you name it, and need opinions of others? The amount of time saved from going back and forth via text, or unnecessary meetings is unreal. Just screen record, walk people through the content, annotate, and share it. When done correctly it is really the most efficient way to do things. It minimizes context switching, and provides the best outcome for your content.

Reviewing Code

Software engineers can use Vidshot for code reviews and code inspections to ensure their peers do not miss a single thing. Streamlining this process so there is the least miscommunication possible is the right move. Screen record, speak on how the code can be written cleaner and send the message on its way. This extra rich form of communication will help so bugs do not pass through testing into production, ultimately causing problems for the QA team and losing time and money for the business.

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